Sample Parenting Contract to Encourage Chores and Positive Behavior for Children


Chore & Behavior Contract:

__________ agrees to do the following chores and will earn 1 star (*)per chore for every day she completes the following chores:

Empty the dishwasher when Mommy or Daddy instruct her to.

__________ will empty top rack on odd days
( sibling) will empty top rack on even days

Keep __________ room clean

Daily: put all clothes, garbage, food, paper, toys, and clutter where it belongs before bedtime (___________ is only responsible for her items. If items are left by other siblings in her room she will first ask them to put up items using a polite tone and if her siblings do not respond, she will inform Mommy or Daddy)

Feed pets daily.

When she notices bowl is empty or if Mommy or Daddy instruct her to

Empty dryer when Mommy or Daddy instruct her to.

Clean play room/other rooms in house with Mommy when Mommy instruct her to.

Complete homework when she gets home from school.

____________ will follow rules for being home alone when waiting for parents to arrive home after school.

___________ agrees to be home by curfew: _________ on weekdays and _______ on weekends
____________ agrees to go to room and read books during “quiet time.”

____________ agrees to follow directions from Mommy and Daddy the first time given.

_________________ agrees to behave in the following manner:

No backtalking for 24 hours= 2 stars
No tantrums for 24 hours= 4 stars
No arguing with siblings for 24 hours= 5 stars


For star ____________ earns, she may redeem them for the following prizes:

Outing with Mommy= 50 stars
Outing with Daddy= 50 stars
Friends house after school= 8 stars
Park after school= 10 stars
Riding bikes after school= 6 stars
Sleep over=40 stars


For every instance _____________ chooses to behave in the following manner, she will receive a strike (X):

Talking back
Missing curfew
Saying “mean” words to others
Refusing to go to bed on time
Acting loud during “quiet time”

After ___________ receives 3 strikes (XXX) she will choose one of the following consequences. Consequences cannot be undone although she can continue to earn reward stars should she choose to turn her behavior around:

Lose TV. time for 24 hours
Take away toy of Mommy or Daddy’s choosing
Early bedtime (30 minutes)
Lose Computer for 24 hours
Lose Video Games for 24 hours
No friend visitation for 24 hours
Write sentences

Signed by Mommy & Daddy:__________________________ Date:__________________________________

Signed by Child:__________________________________ Date:___________________________________