Common Questions About Counseling


How Can Therapy Help Me?

We use a Strategic Family Therapy treatment model that is custom designed for you and your family. Strategic Family Therapy is also known as Problem Solving Therapy because you and your counselor work together to solve the the specific problem that you want eliminated. Therapy is intended to be brief as the sessions will focus on the specific problems you want to solve.

How do I know which therapist to see?

Initial phone consultations are free of charge. Here we will screen your needs and those of your family. We will discuss with you what therapists we feel would be the best fit for you and then they will contact you to schedule a consultation. During the consultation is where you will discuss with your therapist what you are needing help with and any questions or concerns you have about fees, payment, or the therapeutic process. This is also an opportunity to get a feel for your therapist and determine if you feel the two of you will work well together.

Should I file with my Insurance?

Filing with your insurance company is a personal decision. In order to be reimbursed you will have to be given a diagnosis by your clinician. Then your Insurance Provider determines whether or not your counseling will be covered under your plan. Additionally, not all counseling services are covered. Therefore, they may cover some of your sessions but not all of them. If you decide you would like to file with your insurance company and we are not on your insurance panel we are considered an Out-Of-Network provider.

We will provide you with a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You will pay the fee for each session up front and then your insurance company will reimburse you once you send in the receipt and any other documents they request. Every plan is different, therefore it is important that you check with your insurance provider regarding your specific policy, coverage, and reimbursement procedures.

How Do I Know What Type of Treatment I Need?

We offer individual, couples, family, group, and play therapy services. Your psychotherapist will be able to recommend the type of treatment that is best suited for your specific problem when you schedule your initial consultation.

What If I Really Need the Help But I Just Don’t Think I Can Afford It?

We understand that people fall on hard times. Please feel free to discuss your specific financial circumstances when you schedule your initial consultation. Each of our providers has a specific rate. Additionally, we do have Doctoral Student Marriage and Family Interns who are Supervised by Tiffany Smith, LMFT-S, LPC-S, NCC. Their services are offered on a sliding fee scale based on your income level.