What is Co-Parenting?

Co ParentingThe romantic relationship has ended. You begin trying to put the pieces back together trying to figure out what went wrong. You would love to move on and close that chapter in your life. But there are precious little people in your life that are forcing you to figure things out quickly. After all, you divorce people, not children, right?

Co-Parenting is the art of blending families that produce well adjusted, thriving, and happy children. The purpose behind Co-Parenting is to move past the hurt feelings and focus on how to build your new relationship with your former partner. It is important to learn how to parent together while parenting apart. We specialize in helping educate parents on how to do this successfully.

My Ex would never come to Therapy. How can it work for me?

co-parentAlthough it is ideal for both parents to attend sessions, Co-Parenting techniques can work if only one parent comes to therapy. Co-Parenting is about changing the focus away from your past relationship to helping your kids adjust well to their new lives. We want to help you move past anger and hurt feelings and build a solid foundation to raise your children together.

My kids are almost grown. I don’t need Co-Parenting.

co-parentsAdolescence is one of the most difficult times in your child’s life. With peer pressure, bullying, and trying to figure out who they are, teens can have a difficult time with separation and divorce. Even after they turn 18, you still have graduations, weddings, and grandchildren to think about, right? Imagine a life for your children where having a blended family becomes a blessing, rather than a burden. Co-Parenting can help you achieve this.