Remake Your Past


We all have had hard times in our lives. Some of those times may have been much harder than others. Times filled with life decisions we regret that left us feeling angry, shameful, or even guilty. Sometimes we have fought through the hard times through deep self reflection and come out on top. Only to go to Grandma’s house for Sunday lunch and have a family member dig up the past with a quick reference to your old self. Then all that anxiety, guilt, bitterness, and shame come raising back to us. You may think to yourself, “I thought I had dealt with this years ago? Why do I feel like this?”

When that guilt creeps up on you stop and ask yourself, “What did I learn from those mistakes? Have those lessons made me a better person?” Throw those feelings of bitterness in the trash with the rotten apples. Stick that guilt in the garbage disposal and hear it crush as you flip on the switch of empowerment.

You have the power to make your own life story. How do you want to remember it? Do you want it to be a life where shame and family secrets are buried deep in chests covered with dust with the possibility of anyone in the family dusting them out at the next family gathering? Or would you rather wear the badge of honor and courage and take charge of your life and tell your family, “I did the best I could at the time and I’m glad it happened that way because I learned how to be the person I am today.” That is empowerment. That is bravery. That is “Remaking Your Past.”