Make a Weekly Self-Care Appointment


The “To Do” List is constantly growing and shrinking but it seems like never ending. The usual weekly tasks of “laundry, grocery shopping, dry cleaners, cooking, cleaning, etc.” Not to mention throw in the carpool, kids soccer games and birthday parties, church and community outings. If the faucet leaks or the yard needs tending to, that can take some brilliant rearranging of the calendar to be able to fit that into the week. You may think to yourself, “If I could only get caught up, I could relax.” Then, the dogs are out of food, Billy says he has a book project due tomorrow, and Martha calls and needs your help with the bake sale. “Guess that book I have been wanting to read will have to wait.”

It seems the more we get done, the more we take on. Its no wonder that obesity and heart attacks are on the rise. Fast food is comfort food and when you are crazy busy, the foods that taste the best, usually are the worst for you. So you have run around all day, ate poorly, and now you are exhausted. You might reflect back on your day and wonder where it all went? Sure you crossed off many things off your list, but was any of it worthwhile? And what do you have to look forward to tomorrow? More errands, more busywork, more of the same?

So the question is, what did you do that was fun today? Did you play an instrument? Paint a picture? Take a walk in the woods? Ride a horse? Write some Poetry? Get a massage? In a society where we are constantly told to do unto others, we hardly ever do unto ourselves. We need to schedule ourselves Self-Care Appointments. Figure out something you truly love to do. Something that is fun and healthy for your body, mind, and soul. Put it on your calendar every week. Find yourself again. Find your fun.